July 22, 2012

Until Death Do Us Part

He looked in the mirror and adjusted his sehra. He was looking smart.

This was one of the few solitary moments he got during the whole wedding. He had started to realize that Indian marriages aren't really a piece of cake for the bridegroom either as he was made to believe. For the past week, he lost count of the ceremonies he had been a part of, the times he sought blessings of the same people, the times he changed his "costume" (not attire!) and the most excruciating of all, the Sanskrit words he was made to say. In moments filled with mantras and rituals, sometimes this past week seemed even harder than the last 3 years!


The last 3 years flashed in front of his eyes. The meeting, falling for her, dating, fighting, patching up, listening, sometimes not listening, fighting again, patching up again, growing up, proposing, waiting, and the biggest of all, convincing both sets of parents.

This, he thought to himself, would be the perfect culmination.

Tonight, he would get married to her.

The thought of getting married brought a smile to his face, rather, he blushed a little. Not that any of it was sudden or , God forbid, unplanned, but the realization was new. He felt different from the lot. While most of his friends were still battling their feelings, dating blues and break-ups, he was about to be someone's husband. At 27, he wasn't immature, but at that moment, he felt as a grown up, like he never had before.

A lot that was happening, in the last 3 years, seemed hard then. Many a times he was convinced that there was no way out and they had hit the ultimate road block. While the times could still be hard on the road ahead, there was a major difference now. There was no going back after tonight, come what may. And that was a commitment for life, Life! His mind emphasized on the last word.

He had a hard look at himself in the mirror again. He remembered the vows, not the ones he was supposed to take, but the ones he wanted to take. He reminded himself of the commitment he made with her , a long time ago.

Tonight, was just a ceremony


Tonight, I take you to be by wife.

You are my responsibility, my love and my life. My biggest drive, from this moment on, would be to build a family with you, cherish every living moment and work to make it better by every passing day.

I accept you for what you are, with your kindness, love and virtue.

I don't talk about eternity because no one knows what eternity is or feels like. We have one life, lets strive to make that perfect. We will fall, but let's hope to have each other to hold one another when we do and walk again.

I promise to stand by you in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad and for better or worse, Until Death Do Us Part!

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July 7, 2012


You were happy, I was not

You were significant , I was not

You were oblivious, I was not

You were the center, I was not

You were indispensable , I was not

You mattered, I did not

Simply, Because

I was in love , you were not.


I win...!