December 19, 2017

Growing Old vs Growing Up - The Need for New Leaders! #BlogchatterProjects #LeadNow

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A funnier way to wish someone on their birthday is to tell them that growing old is compulsory but growing up is a choice! The implication being, while one cannot prevent aging, getting expectedly mature with that age, is an individual choice. Corporations work in a similar way where the age is often used as a justification to resist change in the status quo. Thus, a refusal to mature with time and not welcoming new leadership, is commonplace. In my opinion, if you spared a dollar, each time you heard - “that is how it has always been done, here!” -  you would be very rich, very soon!
The credibility that comes with the age of a company, is unparalleled and much respected. It is also one of the biggest contributors to its brand value. However, just as in our lives, age is nothing more than a proof of survival. While survival indicates fortitude and endurance, it neither tells the story of the state of management (akin to “quality” of life) nor is it an omen of things to come, pertaining to the health of the company.
This is an important distinction for young leaders to understand as, both the lure and the ease, of falling for the status quo, could be dangerous. Add to it, the resistance, and despite of all good intentions, this could be an uphill battle for a young professional.
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How does this translate for a young professional?
Show up and start small!  Yes, it could, and probably should, be that simple.
“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle
Leadership does not begin with titles. Anyone who can take upon the onus of inspiring others whilst developing a strategic plan with a long - term view, could be a leader. What they need to recognize is their circle of influence. Stephen R. Covey, in his famous book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, simply defines circle of influence as the things one has control over. Very often, we lose energy and time, focusing on factors outside of this circle (known as circle of concern) and thus, never realize the individual impact of our working style. In this circle, you must encourage, influence, gauge, and lead with vision and strategy.
For young professionals, leadership begins with effective project management. Even if you are in-charge of only one project, you can be a leader in that by focusing on the right things. Reassessing your role and responsibilities, with a larger picture and a long-term view, is the first step of being an effective leader and a better employee. Project management across teams, helps in both, understanding the perspective of the company and the opportunities of change.
One of the most significant lessons from project management resides in team building. Having the right people in the right jobs, and entrusting and empowering them, is a virtue that must be realized by all aspiring leaders. Project Management is demonstration of team work and a good leader is an integrator of people. To make people feel listened to, understanding their perspective and to get their point across others, on their behalf, are all seemingly obvious, but surprisingly rare qualities. The ones who can hone in on these small things, can make up for great leaders of the future.
“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them.”  - Ann Landers
Changing the mold of status quo is a gradual process. It probably would start with a small group and a project with limited scope. But it is the skills that you display and develop in the process, that would account for greater successes. Make best of such opportunities early in your career to develop interpersonal and leadership skills.


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December 5, 2017

#Leadership Lessons in Everyday Life - #LeadNow #BlogchatterProjects

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Leadership is probably one of the best explained, yet one of the least defined, of all the corporate strategies. I would extend this to personal lives as well where the need and definition of a leader and leadership are constantly discussed but seldom elucidated.

Why is it so?

In my opinion, the first and the foremost reason for this is the fact that leadership is often viewed as a natural trait rather than a skill that can be instilled. It is often suggested that either someone is a born leader or not. The ones who believe they are not, become followers by default.

The second reason is simply the nature of the skill itself. Every leader has a unique style and philosophy and hence, the definition of leadership, often, varies.

While both aforementioned points hold true, they do not present the complete picture. Certain fields like sports, the armed forces and politics, are fertile grounds for natural leaders who possess the innate ability to revolutionize the status quo. However, in all other professions, and in our personal lives, this trait should be nurtured and progressed.

What is the need for someone to be a leader?

Data suggests that, currently, more than 50% of the world’s population is under the age of 30. We live in the time when all aspects of our lives are dominated by this group and it is clearly illustrated by the ever-evolving daily means and norms. With changing times, the leaders, the led and the leadership would evolve as well. The world order is changing, and this is the time to emerge and lead.

On the personal front, the need for leadership is more consistent and perennial. Only when one learns to recognize the moments to lead, that they get to take charge and live a life where circumstances do not get overwhelming and they emerge unfazed. Personal leadership also teaches mindfulness, enhances empathy and widens world view.

What is this series of write-ups about?

I firmly believe that leadership can be inculcated in committed individuals. Its seeds can be sown simply by helping them recognize the small things that account for big successes. From captains motivating their teams to strive for greatness to First Responders rallying strangers in time of a crisis, there are stories, role models and lessons of leadership in our daily lives.  Through this series of posts, I would like to share views and experiences, seek opinions and build a mutually fruitful dialogue about recognizing pivotal moments and lessons crucial for development of this skill.

The posts would be available on my personal blog for the #BlogchatterProjects campaign. I would also be sharing the same on my personal LinkedIn page. Follow the hashtag #LeadershipNow  on social media to stay abreast with the campaign.

Let’s begin the conversation.


August 15, 2017

We Have Been Independent; Now, Let's Be Free !

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Pic Courtesy: India Today

It is that time of the year again when patriotism runs high and hypocrisy runs higher among Indians. The expression of hyper nationalism, exactly and only, twice a year, desecrates the celebrations of August 15th or January 26th. Social media takes this hysteria to new levels every year, when sharing misquoted, misspelled, and often untrue, quotes by famous and dead personalities and uploading photos with or of the tricolor becomes a 12 hour rage.

Such is the window of this patriotism that if you have not changed your display picture or shared a patriotic message between 7 AM and 10 PM on these days, you better be ready to be labeled nothing less than a traitor, anti-national and, especially reserved for people of a certain religion, terrorists!

There is nothing inherently wrong about celebrating national pride and wearing patriotism as a badge of honor. But to do so without introspection- a conversation even- is as hollow as the promises made by the people unfurling the tricolor at the Red Fort. 
Independence, in a political context, is nothing but self governance. While irrespective of the time passed, this remains the crowning jewel in the proverbial crown of any nation; it is bound to lose its relevance if it is not put in context.

Freedom is – “the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action; liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another”.

We have been independent for 70 years, but are we free? Do we have freedom of thought, expression, lifestyle and protest?

On surface, all these answers would seem positive. But we need to look deeper.
(Click on the links below for reference news items)

We have celebrated many Independence Days before and we would continue to do so because of the brave men and women who defend us and our borders. Our freedom is, however, our responsibility. One can only be free if there is will to be so. We are fortunate to be a part of a country that has a constitutional framework that lets us be freer every day. This is not about starting a revolution but about the desire of being more informed.

Accepting the status quo is not making us better and we must live in a dynamic state of getting informed and questioning further. The real celebration of our Independence would be making this Motherland richer by being a worthy electorate.

All you have to do is ask questions and seek answers!

Let freedom be upon you!

July 30, 2017

#BookReview - "Dark Poetry" by Ishieta Chopra - #BlogchatterEbook

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About the Author
Ishieta Chopra, a practicing Numerologist, Tarot Reader & Reiki Healer & Master, she has set up Isheeria’s Healing Circles to help people Learn, Heal & (Re) Design their lives through the Esoteric Arts and Healing Methods such as: Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui & Tarot Readings, Reiki and various other Healing Methods. A Life-long learner, she is an MBA (Marketing & Finance) and currently a student of Law, with over 17 years of professional corporate experience and finds her true calling in the Esoteric Arts and Writing.

She writes at

Book Blurb
“Dark Poetry” is Ishieta’s second #ebook in the #BlogchatterEbookCarnival, along with “A to Z of Healing”. Her range as a writer is best evidenced by how different these books are from each other. “Dark Poetry” is a unique compilation of 26 poems written as a part of #AtoZ Challenge in April 2017. It includes one poem, the length of which I would classify as #micropoetry, for every letter, encompassing one deep and dark human emotion.

About the Book
One of the first thing that struck me with this book was its cover. Adorning the mystical cover is “Pegasus”, the majestic flying White Horse from the Greek mythology, riding the ocean. The cover is intriguing and invites the reader to explore the dark yet beautiful and unique work of the poetess. The poems are hard hitting and appeal to the deepest of human emotions. Alternately, they also uncover the darker sides of storytelling. It is unusual to find poems with the titles such as Corpse, Dancing Death, Echo and Jail which are 4 of my favorite poems in this book. This unfamiliarity is the biggest USP of this book as the reader gets one unexpected work after the other.
#AtoZ challenges can be tiresome for both the writer and the reader. I felt that in parts in this book as some of the topics seemed repetitive and the poet seemed limited by the theme of writing for a new letter every day.
Barring a few, however, I enjoyed all the poems in this book and would recommend this book as the change you might be looking for.


Cover – 5/5
Formatting and Editing – 4.5/5
Content – 3.5/5
Overall – 3.5/5

 Download this #ebook for #free at @blogchatter's website at

July 23, 2017

#Bookreview - मन मंथन (Man Manthan) by Dr. Amit Prakash - This One is for the Bookmarks! #BlogchatterEbook

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Poet - Dr. Amit Prakash

Pick up this book and bookmark it. This is not an instant dose of intelligent thoughts and poetry that are floating around on #socialmedia everywhere. It is a 8 course gourmet meal that needs savoring and revisiting from time to time.

About the author:
Dr. Amit Prakash is a doctor by profession but beyond the routine hours he is a poet and blogger. He blogs about poetry at and other nerdy issues at (with little bit of overlapping). He is always keen to connect with like-minded folks and maintains active profiles on all social media platforms.

Book blurb:
This book is a collection of Hindi couplets, poems, haiku, etc (something for everyone) and each composition is a reflection of a virtuous moment from the author's life. This is not merely an anthology but a journey through the rainbow of the author's mind. If you love Hindi poetry, this one is for you

"Man Manthan" is one of the best collection of Hindi poetry that I have come across in recent years. It is a beautiful assortment of human emotions which seamlessly navigate through the poet's life and into the readers'. In that, it holds true to its title. In a very unique way, this is the Doctor's autobiography in poems. 
The book is divided into 8 subparts (आगाज़, अनुराग , वेदना , अंतर्दर्शन, तलाश, हाइकू, गूँज, ध्येय ), each of which touch upon a chapter in his life. The book starts with the beginning (आगाज़ ) whereupon the readers are introduced to a young and carefree student who has just uncovered his hidden talent of poetry and seems overjoyed by his self discovery. The poems in this section are bubbling with enthusiasm of adolescence. It then traverses to the section of eternal love (अनुराग) where we meet a young man falling in love. The section has some of the most beautiful Hindi couplets that I have read and it aptly concludes telling us that this is the start of a love story. First love, as it happens often in real life too, is followed by pain ( वेदना ). Even though the pain is real and relatable, there is hope which is evident in all of his poems. 

Not surprisingly, Amit then moves on my favorite section of the book, self-discovery ( अंतर्दर्शन). The emotional growth of the poet shows its first signs here. After being through the journey of falling in and losing out on love, the poet discovers the truths of life. These 4 lines summed the section for me:

गिर कर उठना तो याद रहता है, भूल जाते हैं जब लड़खड़ाकर कर संभल जाते हैं
दिल - ऐ - नादान मुस्कुरा ही लेता है, बस ख़ुशी के पैमाने बदल जाते हैं 

The following section, the search (तलाश), is the 'coming off age' for the poet. He has discovered a faithful ally in the journey of life and is ready to take on any challenges with maturity and a calm head. Who is the ally? The Pen. The poem "कौन हूँ मैं ?"(Who am I?) in this section is declaration of self confidence and acceptance of vulnerabilities at the same time. I considered this as the best piece in the entire book.

In the subsequent 3 sections of the book - haiku, echoes and goals ( हाइकू, गूँज, ध्येय ), the poet tries to push his own limits. He tries to take on subjects and genres which, in my opinion, do not fall into his comfort zone but he feels triumphant conquering them. The intentions here deserve applauding but the success would be subjective based on reader's choices. I believed these sections could have been separated from this book and either made into a separate book by themselves or included in another collection. They added 20-25 pages to the book which takes the focus away from the preceding sections.

The cover of this ebook deserves a special mention. It is beautifully designed and aligns perfectly with the underlying thought of the book. The complex emotions, genres and topics that are inside the book are perfectly depicted in the abstract design of the cover.

If I have not made it crystal clear by now, I will say it again, I highly recommend this book for those who appreciate the beauty of Hindi and the intelligence of the medium that is poetry.

Content - 5/5
Layout and Formatting - 4/5
Cover - 4.5/ 5

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June 22, 2017

#BookReview - Life And Times Of A Twenty Something by Reema D' Souza #BlogChatterEbook

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Author: Reema D'Souza

Author Bio:

ReemaD'souza is a twenty something. She is  an engineer by the day and when the sun sets to make way for the night, she put on her thinking cap and her fingers itch to hit the keyboard and write.
When she is not writing, she likes to read. That is not all. Music gives her a high and she loves to sing and play the keyboard. She also loves sports. A dreamer that she is, she dreams of travelling the world and being a best selling author.
And yeah, she never says no to chocolates and ice creams!

Book Blurb:

But then you have those moments of pure bliss! Buying something for your parents with your hard earned money, being appreciated at work, excelling in a skill you never thought you had, realizing that you have friends who are real gems and are always there for you, and maybe finding the love of your life. Twenties may be a mess, but then when you look back they are a beautiful mess!
Alana is a twenty something too and there is a lot happening in her life. Read more about her journey in the book.
There is so much that happens in our twenties. Graduation, first job, first salary, staying away from home, dating, being broke, being bored with the job that you worked so hard to get, and relatives and neighbours sneakily trying to find a suitable bride/groom for you when you've no idea about what you want to do next in your life. You are a mess. You thought you'd have everything sorted; you had those dreams in your eyes when you graduated. But when you look at it you've nothing sorted, you don't know which way to turn and you constantly ask yourself "What am I doing?" Those dreams that you once wanted to turn into reality are still dreams.


Lifeand Times of a Twenty Something is a lyrical retreat in the soothing words of Reema D' Souza that you would like to enjoy with your earphones, iPod and a hot cup of tea on a weekend!

It is a semi - autobiographical account, written in first person, that makes the reading an intimate and personal experience. The author navigates through the routine - triumphs and struggles alike - of Alana with comfort and makes this 59 page long ebook a breeze to read through. =

I found ending every 'chapter' with a song very unique. She left her words at the perfect spot from where the songs drove 'it' home. The stories about interviews, college life, new jobs, financial independence (or the lack of it!), exes etc. are familiar but Reema's writing makes this a stroll down the memory lane.

The one thing that distracted me was the font of the ebook. It could have used a little more editing to make resonate with the overall idea of intimacy. The cover is standard too and could have been more colorful and be a reflection of the content in a better way.

Overall, I would recommend this ebook as a nice nostalgia read that would make you remember, and even reach out, to someone from 'a few years ago'.


Content - 4/5
Formatting - 3.5/5
Cover 3.5/5

Download the ebook for free on #blogchatter's website -

June 7, 2017

"Coming Out" of An Author - #BlogchatterEBook #BlogChatterEbookCarnival

"I am neither the first, nor the last, and definitely not the only one, to have checked this off my bucket list, but I, for one, am here to stay !"

But, before I start, first things first...

"I take on the Baton of #BlogchatterEbookCarnival from Sneha Saikumar whose Ebook "Potpourri of Emotions & Moods" is also a part of the mix.

About Sneha's Ebook: "Every living creature goes through a roller coaster of emotions in their lifetime, some that lift up your mood, some that make you happy, some that makes you sulk and feel bad about yourself. From being affectionate to happy, from being in rage to simply feel nothing there is at least twenty six emotions that we human beings for sure experience. Potpourri of Emotions & Moods is one such book which makes you experience these emotions as you travel through the pages one by one. Experience emotions through stories and experiences and many more such surprises."

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Fir Milenge -

"Coming Out" of an Author


The best thing about writing is that it lets one be, free and fearless. It is expression without notions and prejudices as it does not fall in the defined realms and norms. It is an individual victory amongst the collective loss, that is this world.

While writing made me connect with a world of people, and took me to a deeper level of self awareness, there was still a group with which I was not open about this side of me -

my family !

I cannot pinpoint to a reason why, but in 8 years of blogging, I barely ever shared anything with them. May be subconsciously,  I liked to keep my author self cocooned to a separate entity from the being who was raised by my family.They knew I liked to write and I have a blog, but that was all of it. The only time I shared something that I wrote with them was when I gifted this poem to both my grandfathers in 2014. The launch of my Facebook page was the first time I had my family's attention to my writing. 

But the ebook release was a monumental shift in that relationship. I openly shared the launch across social media platforms and encouraged my close and extended family to read, download and share. My poems became the discussion point in my family and I received the praise and adulation like never before. Everybody, including my parents, and my in-laws, shared it proudly among their circles. Some of the reviews that I received catapulted me to Cloud 9! 
Stories like how my father sang Madhushala in his college's cultural fest and how my uncle regularly (yes, regularly) published Hindi stories in his school and college publications were discussed and it seemed "this creative gene" was in the system all along! Even suggestions to where should I submit my work were seriously given and noted. From a writer's perspective, it was quite literally, a blissful weekend.

It's out  now. Mathur saab ka beta is a writer, on the sides of being, whatever he does as his day job! It's relieving and rewarding.

This coming out, is the biggest contribution of my eBook to my life, thus far. 


Phew! I have a published #ebook now and, finally, I officially can call myself, published!

Writing for me became a passion, from just a hobby, for one and only one reason - that I found it the best mode of expression. What my pen could say, I couldn't have otherwise.

With the desire of expression, comes the need to increase the outreach. I have, and still do, desperately sought mediums and outlets to get my work out. In self analysis, I would give myself a B+ grade in that pursuit as the reasons (excuses?) of work and personal life got the better of me more than I would have liked. Regardless, I have carefully and intentionally tried to cultivate a path for me that finally leads to getting published, elevating that level in my mind as the pinnacle.

This #ebook is the biggest and the most successful attempt in my writing career towards seeing my work in a publication. This is a new reality and I am here to enjoy it and move only forward from here! 

I am neither the first, nor the last, and definitely not the only one, to have checked this off my bucket list, but I, for one, am here to stay !

UPDATE (June 10, 2017): The ebook is now listed on Goodreads. Please read and review here:

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"I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Bushra whose Ebook "A To Z Of Pregnancy" is also a part of the mix.
About Bushra's Ebook: " A to Z of Pregnancy is the Complete Guide to a healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth. After a lot of research, I found that the Pregnancy reads available are so heavy that readers believe to be learning medical books. My motto behind writing this book is to give you knowledge in entertaining, light way. This is the handy book that covers all topics of pregnancy. In this book, I've tried to transform all the information about pregnancy and childbirth in easy to understand language. I've tried my best to keep it very accurate, to the point and added interesting facts that will increase your interest and enthusiasm as your reading progress. I've tried my best to cover the important topics and hope this book will solve all your queries, myths, confusion and nervousness about the Pregnancy and the Child Birth. The book A to Z of Pregnancy is divided into five sections according to the different phases of pregnancy. I've included many questions that come to your mind while being pregnant and after pregnancy. This book is written from my experience that I've learned from my patients. Read now to know more about this book."

#Author, #Blog, #Blogchatter, #BlogchatterEbookCarnival, #Blogging, #Book, #Ebook, #EbookCarnival, #Family, #Hindi, #Love, #Poetry, #Relationships, #writefullyyours, #Writer, #BlogChatterEbook

May 16, 2017

#GuestPost - The Story Behind "Cantilevered Tales" by Jayant Kriplani

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The Story Behind Cantilevered Tales

Why Jayant Kripalani wrote this book?

Why did I start writing this set of short stories that became one long story? I don’t really know.
I was on way my back from somewhere by train and at Howrah Station a group of taxi drivers tried to extort a higher fare from me.  This was before the time of pre paid taxi booths.  Rather than shell out five times the fare I thought I’d take a bus. It was peak hour in the morning and though I did get a seat since the bus started from there, I hadn’t calculated the length of time I’d be sitting in the bus on the bridge. Forty five minutes of inching along later I heard a voice behind me say, “AitakiHaora Bridge na Laora Bridge?”

I knew exactly what he meant.

I knew then that I had the beginning of a story.

“Where are you getting off?” I turned around and asked.

“High Court,” he replied.

By now we had reached the East end of the bridge. It still looked like we’d be on the bus for another 45 minutes.

“Walk?” I asked him.

“Let’s,” he said.

And that as they say was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

His name was Khokon. He lived in Santragachhi. And because of that immortal first line, I called the protagonist of my story Khokon. In the book though, the line belongs to his colleague Ashutosh.

Some time later, I overheard a group of people talking about saving a water body from some unscrupulous builder. ArunLal the cricket player might have been a part of the group but I’m not sure.  I started keeping tabs on them. Not because I was interested in saving the environment or even that small little lake.

I am not a crusader. I hate getting involved with issues.

But if you live in Calcutta, even for a short while, trust me, you’ll get involved.

More power to the builder I thought after I first saw the lake if you can call brackish acres of sludge a lake.

What did interest me were the disparate lot of people, and some desperate ones among them, who were determined they were going to save a stagnant water body from becoming an office complex.Frankly in my opinion that lake had outlived its usefulness to be anything at all.

 I didn’t give a damn what happened to the lake.

But over a period of time I did start worrying about the people. And of course fell hopelessly in love with them. Their wellbeing and their good health became a matter of great concern to me especially since I saw the array of ‘villains’ lined up against them.

So rather than concentrate on Builder v Helpless Citizen – enough stories had been written about them, I concentrated on their stories and their histories.

This is their story or should I say these are their stories.  Some of the people are real; some of the people who come to their assistance are thinly disguised caricatures of people I admire; some are just people I met on buses and trams in my journeys across the bridge who wormed their way into the book.

 And that is how this book got wrote.

Book Blurb


I overheard a group of people talking about saving a water body from some unscrupulous builder and started keeping tabs on them. Not because I was interested in saving the environment or even that small little lake. What did interest me were the disparate lot of people, and some desperate ones among them, who were determined that they were going to save a stagnant water body, which in my opinion had outlived its usefulness as anything at all, from becoming an office complex.

 This is NOT a Builder v Helpless citizen epic. In fact that is the least important part of the book. This is about a group of inept people who you want to reach out and protect but you discover are more than capable of taking care of not just themselves, but of you too.

Author Bio

#BookReview,#Book, #Amreading, #Amwriting, #Blog, #Blogging, #Blogchatter, #Fiction, #ShortStories, #Readomania, #GuestBlog
Jayant Kripalani is an Indian film, television and stage actor, writer and director. Known for his work in TV series like Khandaan, Mr Ya Mrs and Ji Mantriji, he graduated

from Jadavpur University with a degree in English Literature.

He has played character roles in movies like Heat and Dust, Rockford,

Jaane Tu. . .Ya Jaane Na, 3 Idiots and, most recently, Hawaizaade and The Hunger. He has directed and produced a number of films and is actively involved with theatre. He wrote the screenplay for Shyam Benegal’s film Well Done Abba.

He is the author of the heartwarming and nostalgic New Market Tales, set in the historic New Market area of Kolkata in the 1960s and 1970s. His recent foray into writing performance poetry has brought him acclaim in poetic circles around the country. When he is not in Calcutta, he is either fishing in Himachal, pfaffing in Bombay or being a beach bum in Goa.

February 15, 2017

#BlogLove - Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging But...

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Stephen !

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Anniversaries are commemorative of the years gone by and a way to feel nostalgic about the memories built over time. Both of these parts are equally significant in this celebration. While the amount of time spent is a great memory, the productivity in that particular span of time cannot be overlooked.

I have written about my blogging journey in the past. I celebrate 15th February because I cherish these years and this part of my life very much. But as much as I want to climb up in levels as a blogger, it still remains a "hobby". The past year has dawned a steep sense of this fact in me. While 2016 was beautiful and I have shared that vividly on social media, it did pose a challenge for me to pencil in blogging in my schedule. I had to work harder than ever before to juggle work, personal life and blogging. I couldn't even manage an average of 2 posts a month, let alone taking it to new levels like daily blogging etc.  It has made me wonder, if, say 5 years from now, I would be able to do this any more or not, if I stay a part timer.

So, this year for my anniversary post, instead of reiterating history, I sought suggestions from fellow bloggers and writers who do this part time too. This is one part I would be very proud of - building and keeping fantastic relationships with the "who's who" of the Indian blogging. It took me only an email which shared my idea and perspectives with them and all of the kind suggestions came pouring in.

Whether I will celebrate 9th or the 10th #Blogversary or not, I would live with the satisfaction of being a part of this fantastically close knit community of bloggers, for as long as I have!

With that said, Happy Anniversary to #WritefullyYours! Thanks for all the good times, chances for expression and the love that came in!

The floor is now open for geniuses with their ideas!

Kala Ravi

I guess it is no great brainwave I am sharing but it's just that blogging comes as a respite to one's daily struggles and strife. I blog when I am overwhelmed with the urge to vent out thoughts crowding my head. When I put down these thoughts on my blog, I find a sense of relief and tremendous satisfaction. I would say it is a therapeutic or cathartic experience for me, every time I do a post. So my dear friend, just blog as if you were letting out your thoughts, raves or rants into the ears of a patient friend and a chore it will never seem to be! And like a good friend, your blog will cheer you up with the comments from your readers, keep you motivated and egg you on to do more, do better each time you post.

I suggest, every time you are inspired, just jot down the basic idea, a few lines or whatever strikes you and later refer to these when you are sitting down to do a post. Evernote, I've heard helps with this, maybe you could give it a try.
No regulation, no time management in place yet! But just make a conscious effort to be in sync with what's trending in the blogging world. Most of the times, I get jittery seeing the whole world putting up post after post, but it also ensures I come up with one of my own for every hundred I come across. The post takes just an hour to put down, if you have all the framework, keynotes in your head in advance. Polishing n editing are equally important. So overall two hours/post/week should be good enough provided the wheels are turning through the week, cooking up the steam for it!

I truly love writing and blogging. Since I also work in the writing domain, I guess, blogging becomes second nature to me. Hence I haven't really found it that difficult to blog. Actually it provides me with a great vent and an outlet where I get great support and suggestions. I would tell you to not fret too much. Enjoy what you write and only write when you find time. I can never write under pressure and I would suggest that you do the same. Just do it for pure enjoyment and happiness.

When I joined for post graduation in 2007, I actually wrote a 'farewell post' for the blog, sure I wouldn't have the hours to spare. I didn't actually. But I ended up still writing. And I've written through PG, when bedridden & in excruciating pain unable to move a limb, in operation Theatres and at all hours. And here, 12 years after I wrote my first post as an insecure Mbbs intern, I'm still writing as a specialist. 
My advice - don't let your thoughts go to waste. When an idea comes to you, note it down in your mobile. I have used Evernote for over half a decade and all those ideas still sit there. Often we get our ideas at the most insane moments (lying awake at night, stuck in a cramped bus)  and forget about them when we are actually free to write. So jot it down in points when it comes to you. Develop them at leisure later on. 
Find what you have to say, what you would like to talk about. And tell it. 

Congratulations on the commendable milestone. 8 years must feel magical! Here's raising a toast to the double digits. I share your love for blogging and I can imagine how difficult it is to stay dedicated. I know I have struggled. And then one fine day I gave myself the permission to take a break. Just like we head for a vacation from time to time to recharge our batteries, a break from the blog is not that bad an idea. Since then, the winter months are a little slow for me. Also because it is the most festive time of the year, at that time I want to make memories with loved ones and not be a social media addict. I have also realised after a break, my writing is more focused and my ideas are sharper. I manage to cut out the noise from my thoughts.
You found your special someone this past year. Life will happen. Be easy on yourself. You compete with no one but you. This is your race. You decide what is your priority and work according to that. There is no one right way to do this. You will learn on the job. And if you are real lucky, you will have an online diary for your kids and grandkids to refer to someday.

Subha Rajagopal

The biggest challenge a part-time blogger faces is time crunch. That too if you are a working mother with a full-time job, the odds are not in your favor. By the time the daily meetings are over and deadlines are met, there is no more energy left! You cannot shirk your family duties nor your official responsibilities. Only way to save time is to cut down the 'fat' in your personal time. Limit your time for any activity you feel is unproductive. That is the only way to make time for blogging.
It is a day-on-day arrangement. Let me share with you how I am writing it now.
Today being a Saturday, is an official holiday for me. But no, I wasn't free. Far from it!
My son had a school function and half my day was consumed in it. The second half of the day involved taking him to his activity class and visiting my in-laws.
All this was in addition to the cooking, cleaning and laundry work that is reserved for the weekends.By the time I could sit to write this, it is already 10 pm here. It was just the resolve to keep writing that has made me sit and write it now.

Anindya Sundar Basu

Wishing you a happy 8th and many many more. There will be years where it wont go as you had wished but that's okay. You have been an inspiration and I wish someday I can write like you but great knowing you buddy. Thanks for all the support and I remain indebted for your support. As me and my wife both run Pikturenama and have a 5 year old kid at home, it gets hectic and taxing. We also write for eazydiner as food critics for kolkata so in the midst of all this its hard to make out time but since beginning we have been clear about the fact that the blog should not get neglected. Its a mad race against time and no one else so we need to sacrifice a lot also. I like to keep it simple. Consistency is the key in Blogging and its not every time you will write a post that will be viral but unless you write you will never know and if you stop writing you will lose the habit of writing. I am sure you know all this being in the 'business' for 8 years but just thought of sharing my thoughts in this happy occasion.
Once again congrats on 8th and thanks for being there.

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I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Subha