January 31, 2015

If I Were a Writer...

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If I were a writer, I would write about you everyday...

About that feeling of meeting you as a stranger, every single time
Or about that sinking sensation when we say goodbye
Is it loss? Or something greater !
I don't know the words, but I would have, if I were a writer.

If I were a writer, I would write about...

How I picture you in every piece of music I listen to.
Or how the melody is senseless unless I see you syncing in its rhythm.
Is that poetic, dramatic or simply , day dreaming ? I don't know.
Oh! I so wish, I were a writer

If I were a writer I would, write about...

How I flashback to the past every time you mention a future without me.
Or how every passing day is a reminder of the impending distances that inevitably await us.
Is that being prophetic or realistic ? I don't know, because, alas, I am not a writer.

If I were a writer...

These lines would rhyme beautifully,
just like our lives would have, into a serene poetry.
And I would have expressed myself beyond the Spoken
And you too would have understood the Unsaid

Only, and only, if I were a writer...

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