March 18, 2015

That Girl With The Mona Lisa Smile!

I guess I am to blame,
I saw her every day,
But didn't know her name!
She lived right across the street,
But we never got to meet!

And then we met in the park,
Smiled, said hello,
And continued running in the arc,
That day, I ran an extra mile,
Just to be with,
That girl with the Mona Lisa smile!

And Meeting and spending time became a routine,
With her, life was, what it had never been,
Fun, frolic, lively and worthwhile,
All because of
That girl with the Mona Lisa smile!

And the day I fell in love with her,
The reality began to blur,
I loved her eyes her skin and even her plait,
In her, I saw, my soul mate!

And so I thought, what I feel I should tell,
I love you, on the top of my voice, I wanted to yell!
This wasn't me, this wasn't my style,
But it all looked correct
That girl with the Mona Lisa smile!

And it seemed like a dream,
But dreams are never true,
Sudden, as it began,
Sudden, as it grew,
The illusion would disappear suddenly,
I had the deja vu.
And it ended too soon,
The smitten phase, the honeymoon,
No summers for me,
The spring of my life was followed by just monsoon,
Who would have taught me that heart is fragile,
No one, but
That girl with the Mona Lisa smile!

And everyday spent with her.
Is etched in my memory,
These memories are forever,
Like a beautiful and serene poetry.
And I may move on and love again,
But I ll still always maintain,
That she was the first,
And she would not fade away,
Even for a while.


That girl with the Mona Lisa smile!

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