January 21, 2013

"Love, Loss and Beyond"- My entry for the Get Published contest

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The Idea

People have different ways to cope up with loss. Most enter a seemingly impermeable shell making themselves immune and indifferent from the surroundings. A few, however, become extrovert and try to connect with the world in a more lively way realizing the importance of the fleeting moments. This is also a phase where people connect with others going through similar situations. Connecting with strangers becomes easy and its them, not the immediate family, who finally bail you out of the deep and dark pit of depression and loneliness. 

This is a story of 2 such strangers who met by accident and unknowingly ended up changing each other's lives. 

Siddarth, who after losing his beloved Kacey Smith in a tragic car crash, discovers a secret about their relationship. He believes that he could have recovered from the loss of Kacey had he not known that secret. This has pushed him to the wall and he is about to get lost in the darkness, not knowing a way to cope up with his tragedy and the secret.

At this juncture Zubi enters his life. She is jubilant and carefree yet profound and deeply philosophical. She has a secret too but Siddarth could never get her to open up. However his interactions with her start to affect both of them and they realize it too. They connect instantly. But with their pasts, heavily influencing their present, they can't look too much ahead. 

Siddarth has become shelled after the tragedy, Zubi tries to bring him back to life. She is not ready to share her life but still tries to heal him.

What Makes This Story Real?

This is a story of simple and basic human need of interaction. It's not a fairy tale and the characters emerge from the deepest and the darkest points of their lives. Like all of us, they are nowhere near perfection. And it's their imperfections that help them connect. This is about sharing griefs and recovering.

Can these two ever fall in love? Is love just about ending up together? Is that the best you can do to someone.

There is a Life Beyond the conventional Love and that's my central theme.


He pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from his coat. It had some red stains on it. "Could it be blood?" she wondered.
He took her hand and gave it to her.

"What is this?"
"This was found with Kacey that night."
She opened the folds and stared at the paper.
"She wanted me to give me this on our anniversary".
"What does it say Sid? I can't read it."

Sid looked up trying unsuccessfully to hold back his tears. Zubi held his hand and reassured him of her presence.
"You have to read it Sid. At some point of your life, you have to talk to someone about this secret. You can't carry its burden. Speak up Sid."

His lips trembled and looked for words. Words, the ever elusive, words. 

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Story of Failure

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"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently". - Henry Ford

I am Failure. Not a failure, but failure itself. Not the verb, but the noun.

I have seen people with mighty hearts and decorated chests, cringe by my very mention. Those widely respected and honored in their lives and fields, pray they never have to see me in the eye. Sometimes, in all my innocence, I wish at least such brave-hearts  would like to take me head on as a challenge. But they don't ever dare to. I have often wondered why.

Trust me, I don't look that hideous!

Like the black sheep, hidden from the glory of the living rooms of all the braggart families, I have a cousin to blame for this.

Bitch, thy name is Success

Success is pretty and a lot of people, despite of their age and experience (or the lack of it), have crush on her. It's blinding, it's flashy and it makes one utterly myopic. Many a great souls have lost their way after achieving success. But every courageous soul who has ever had an encounter with me has always set new goals and started afresh.

After every success lies an emptiness, after every failure lies a hidden opportunity!

Beyond every finish line, and before every start, in the solitude of thunderous applause, is me. I am the way to look into the future because I have the vision.

We have a strict framework, rules and definitions for success, but me, I am Universal. With no definitions, explanations or interpretations. Not Subjective. While your success may not convince or appease many, your failure is accepted by all. I am the gold standard against which all your successes would be measured.

Success invariably would always be incomplete. It would always make you worry about others' reactions. I am absolute. I would make you a clean slate. What else could possibly be a better place to dust off and start again?

I understand the fixation of  being successful.  But to forget my role once you have been successful is, well, just rude! If anything, I am the springboard that catapulted you to your goals.

Me and my lovely cousin have frequent contests of "tug of war". We call it Life. As lovable as she is, she never gives me credit for my role. And I don't ask for one.

I am that fifth grade Math teacher who helped you get over your fear of the subject by scaring you more. Now, you don't remember him while you accept your accolades as a great Mathematician.

I am that teenage lover of yours whom you deserted for college. And now when you shamelessly seek attention of the gorgeous ladies at your corporate job, I smile in the background.

I am that parent of yours who put in everything he/she had for your future and you comfortably forgot to mention that in your valedictory speech.

I am that sibling who prayed for your scores in his/her struggles. Now, when I struggle to meet my ends, you shun me.

Success is a result of the work put in by the best teacher- failure!

I am that patient homemaker who ignores all your flirtatious transgressions, knowing  at the end of the day, you will come back home for solace.

And sooner, than later, you will come back and embrace me. You will have to accept me as, in your fancy vocabulary, "part and parcel" of life.

Beyond all inflated egos, materialistic gains and short lived happiness, you will find me.

Accept me now, when you have the sweet taste of success.
Or I will hit back, hard.

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