August 15, 2012

And He Ran Like A Man Possessed...

Miles away from failure
A step towards success
Yet miles away from reality

Like a cruel game of chess

With sweat glistening on his forehead

He ran like a man possessed

His legs trembling
His eyes tearful
His body numbing
He shouted without a voice
Ignoring everyone who had gathered around

Waiting for him to give up

But he had made a choice

Looking up
Staring the zero in its eye
He suddenly sped
And ran like a man possessed

With his world crumbling before his eyes
Only a little was left under control

That gave some peaceful moments and hope to his soul

Where he could deny descent
And aimed for the summits
Not for victory but to play the game of grits
He challenged himself and pushed his limits

Forgetting for a little while, his self-detest
And ran like a man possessed

With logic outdone by sheer arrogance

He reminded himself that he could still be a winner

Here he renewed his belligerence

Letting go of all that was repressed
He ran , he ran,
And he ran like a man possessed

August 4, 2012


Guest Post by Hiral Patel

I want to be liberated....

liberated like
the waves in the ocean
the birds in the sky

I want to live....

live like
there is no past or future
there is no fear of winning or losing

I want to fly....

fly like
there are no obstacles
there are no competitors around me

I want to swim....

swim like

the fishes in the ocean
the swimmers in the Olympics

Now that I got all I wanted....

I want to go back to my crazy world!

Image Courtesy- (directed by Google Images)