December 5, 2017

#Leadership Lessons in Everyday Life - #LeadershipNow #BlogchatterProjects

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Leadership is probably one of the best explained, yet one of the least defined, of all the corporate strategies. I would extend this to personal lives as well where the need and definition of a leader and leadership are constantly discussed but seldom elucidated.

Why is it so?

In my opinion, the first and the foremost reason for this is the fact that leadership is often viewed as a natural trait rather than a skill that can be instilled. It is often suggested that either someone is a born leader or not. The ones who believe they are not, become followers by default.

The second reason is simply the nature of the skill itself. Every leader has a unique style and philosophy and hence, the definition of leadership, often, varies.

While both aforementioned points hold true, they do not present the complete picture. Certain fields like sports, the armed forces and politics, are fertile grounds for natural leaders who possess the innate ability to revolutionize the status quo. However, in all other professions, and in our personal lives, this trait should be nurtured and progressed.

What is the need for someone to be a leader?

Data suggests that, currently, more than 50% of the world’s population is under the age of 30. We live in the time when all aspects of our lives are dominated by this group and it is clearly illustrated by the ever-evolving daily means and norms. With changing times, the leaders, the led and the leadership would evolve as well. The world order is changing, and this is the time to emerge and lead.

On the personal front, the need for leadership is more consistent and perennial. Only when one learns to recognize the moments to lead, that they get to take charge and live a life where circumstances do not get overwhelming and they emerge unfazed. Personal leadership also teaches mindfulness, enhances empathy and widens world view.

What is this series of write-ups about?

I firmly believe that leadership can be inculcated in committed individuals. Its seeds can be sown simply by helping them recognize the small things that account for big successes. From captains motivating their teams to strive for greatness to First Responders rallying strangers in time of a crisis, there are stories, role models and lessons of leadership in our daily lives.  Through this series of posts, I would like to share views and experiences, seek opinions and build a mutually fruitful dialogue about recognizing pivotal moments and lessons crucial for development of this skill.

The posts would be available on my personal blog for the #BlogchatterProjects campaign. I would also be sharing the same on my personal LinkedIn page. Follow the hashtag #LeadershipNow  on social media to stay abreast with the campaign.

Let’s begin the conversation.





August 15, 2017

We Have Been Independent; Now, Let's Be Free !

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Pic Courtesy: India Today

It is that time of the year again when patriotism runs high and hypocrisy runs higher among Indians. The expression of hyper nationalism, exactly and only, twice a year, desecrates the celebrations of August 15th or January 26th. Social media takes this hysteria to new levels every year, when sharing misquoted, misspelled, and often untrue, quotes by famous and dead personalities and uploading photos with or of the tricolor becomes a 12 hour rage.

Such is the window of this patriotism that if you have not changed your display picture or shared a patriotic message between 7 AM and 10 PM on these days, you better be ready to be labeled nothing less than a traitor, anti-national and, especially reserved for people of a certain religion, terrorists!

There is nothing inherently wrong about celebrating national pride and wearing patriotism as a badge of honor. But to do so without introspection- a conversation even- is as hollow as the promises made by the people unfurling the tricolor at the Red Fort. 
Independence, in a political context, is nothing but self governance. While irrespective of the time passed, this remains the crowning jewel in the proverbial crown of any nation; it is bound to lose its relevance if it is not put in context.

Freedom is – “the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action; liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another”.

We have been independent for 70 years, but are we free? Do we have freedom of thought, expression, lifestyle and protest?

On surface, all these answers would seem positive. But we need to look deeper.
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We have celebrated many Independence Days before and we would continue to do so because of the brave men and women who defend us and our borders. Our freedom is, however, our responsibility. One can only be free if there is will to be so. We are fortunate to be a part of a country that has a constitutional framework that lets us be freer every day. This is not about starting a revolution but about the desire of being more informed.

Accepting the status quo is not making us better and we must live in a dynamic state of getting informed and questioning further. The real celebration of our Independence would be making this Motherland richer by being a worthy electorate.

All you have to do is ask questions and seek answers!

Let freedom be upon you!