January 31, 2015

If I Were a Writer...

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If I were a writer, I would write about you everyday...

About that feeling of meeting you as a stranger, every single time
Or about that sinking sensation when we say goodbye
Is it loss? Or something greater !
I don't know the words, but I would have, if I were a writer.

If I were a writer, I would write about...

How I picture you in every piece of music I listen to.
Or how the melody is senseless unless I see you syncing in its rhythm.
Is that poetic, dramatic or simply , day dreaming ? I don't know.
Oh! I so wish, I were a writer

If I were a writer I would, write about...

How I flashback to the past every time you mention a future without me.
Or how every passing day is a reminder of the impending distances that inevitably await us.
Is that being prophetic or realistic ? I don't know, because, alas, I am not a writer.

If I were a writer...

These lines would rhyme beautifully,
just like our lives would have, into a serene poetry.
And I would have expressed myself beyond the Spoken
And you too would have understood the Unsaid

Only, and only, if I were a writer...

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  1. Your thoughts are in rhythm even if words aren't ... very well done..

    1. Poems are all about expressing the thought. I have long believed that they don't necessarily need rhyme! I am glad that a pro like you agrees :)

  2. It was a pleasure writing this atypical post. I was even more overwhelmed by the responses by my friends on my Facebook page who came up with their own versions of the stanzas, keeping the soul of the poem intact. There cannot be a better compliment for a writer, when he/she inspires other to write!

    Here are the 3 comments that stood out -

    Soni wrote -

    "About that mystery you leave to ponder until the next sunrise!
    About those happy moments you leave to treasure for life!
    Do I feel motivated or depressed today?
    Do I pick up a beer to celebrate and play?"

    Rajani wrote -

    "About the hope of being loved forever
    About d valentines celebrated togethr
    Do i feel bitter or liberated?
    Do i send u roses or shoot arrows? (valentine special)"

    Soni wrote again -

    " I take a deep sigh while you pass by unaware..
    Waiting that you'd turn your back and give me another chance
    I shall love you a thousand years, I swear
    Happy Valentines day in advance!"



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