November 22, 2015


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 She looked at him once again. At his luscious lips , in particular. 

Filtered through her dark and beautiful eye lashes, he looked anxious but at peace. Having just poured his heart out, he looked like a man with nothing to lose.

A moment ago, he had just labored his way, through shattering teeth, snapping fingers and quivering lips, to say the three most beautiful yet potentially lethal words in the English language. 

Her lips parted for a brief second, as if to respond,  but she shut them tight. 

She raised her baby finger gently, followed by the synced pointing by her index finger and the thumb. 

Then she paused. So did his breath. The Earth too didn't move in solidarity.

Counting her toes, she slowly harmonized the movement of her thumb and the baby finger and smiled ear to ear!

Their love never needed words. Their lives would never be the hostage of communication.

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