March 5, 2016

Writefully Yours

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Like the Sunrise, some things are bound to happen!
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We are changing.


We are transitioning !

After more than 6 years with 'Me and My Dark Side' , I have decided to move on.

The blog will now be called 'Writefully Yours'.  

You can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Prose, Facebook and Instagram.

The links can be found at the end of this post also.


Quite simply, it is the time to evolve, or at least, try to! One's work shall be a reflection of the evolution of self, the society and its sensibilities. From a while now, I had been feeling, that the brand of Dark Side and the body of my previous works, were limiting the topics and genres I could cover. Joining Twitter was somewhat liberating, as I could express myself with more freedom (while getting into occasional squabbles), but the old school writer in me couldn't be satisfied in just 140 characters!

Why is re-branding important?

As I said, I am Old School. I strongly believe that a blog shall remain true to its soul. While that might limit the spectrum of content on it, it stays true to it's reader base. I have always felt that I am being dishonest to my reader if, just for the lure of "hits", I cater them sub-par content or cover genres that aren't my natural calling.
Natural Calling

The concept of what is one's natural calling, is the essence of  the evolution of a writer. It's time for me to be more inclusive. I might succeed or might turn into a spectacular failure, but after 7 years of dedicated writing, I owe myself this chance.

This sort of transition is not the first for me. I transitioned, rather successfully, from Politically Incorrect, in 2010. At that time, however, I started a new blog altogether. But this time, it's the re-branding of the same blog.

What to expect...

  • Wider range of topics
  • More collaboration
  • At least for this year, some Politically Incorrect, posts again
  • Call for Guest Bloggers
  • Campaigns

What not to expect

  • Sponsored posts
  • Advertisements
  • Posts on senseless prompts and contests
'Me and My Dark Side' gave me the recognition, reader base and a great network of  kind and superb bloggers. We support and encourage each other across the barriers of age, gender, outlook, genres and language, just for the sheer love of  Writing. In the past year or so, I have been lucky and proud to be associated with one such group on twitter,@blogchatter. The mercurial rise of the group and their tenacity to help fellow bloggers is unparalleled and I wish to continue my association with them. 

Connections like these, I would always owe that to my blog. It might sound funny to a non-blogger, how I talk to and about my blog, as if she is a real being, but I know, you, being a fellow blogger get that :) .

Let the love of writing prevail ! Amen!

Writefully Yours,

Prateek Mathur

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