November 8, 2016

America's Chance To Grow Up !

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It may not be  a black and white choice but it's a Red and Blue choice!

Today is #ElectionDay and, by the time I would finish writing this, #voting would be underway. Millions of Americans would exercise their fundamental right as citizens of a great Republic in yet another historic election.

For a generation, in love with instant fame and obsessed with documenting each instant, the word “historic” has lost its glory. We have become very liberal with its usage.

History is not merely the passage of time. History has more to do with future than the past. An event is not instantly historic; only its impact in future makes it so. In an environment of hyperbole, we miss this significant distinction.

So what makes this #Election2016 truly historic? It’s not the candidates, or the lack thereof. It’s the chance America has, to “grow up”, as a nation, that makes this historic.

America today has an important question to answer - What do you want to be when you grow up?

Elections are contested not just on facts but on emotions. It’s these emotions that would decide whether America turns a new leaf in its history, today, or goes back many a decades.

And emotions need to evolve!

Does America want to be a country that succumbs to the irrational fear of immigrants and refugees or does it evolve to embrace the fluidity in global borders and become richer with the influx of cultures?

Does America want to be a country where women don’t have the right to choose if they want to be mothers or does it evolve to be a country where this fundamental right of women stays within their best judgment?

Does America want to be the only developed country with over 70000 firearm related instances and over 400 “mass shootings” per year or does it evolve into a country where the Right to Carry A Firearm does not supersede the Right to Live ?

Does America want to turn a blind eye towards the seemingly obvious catastrophe of global warming and climate change for vested interests or does it evolve into the global leader, it always has aspired to be, and leads the world in its fight against the impending doom?

Does America want to be a nation where demagogy counts as the fight against terror or does it want to evolve into a mature nation that can distinguish a credible threat from fear mongering?

Does America want to be a country that treats its own citizens with discrimination because of their sexual orientation or does it evolve into a nation that understands that every diversity, including sexual, is natural and need to be respected?


November 8, 2016 is not historic. Not yet.

It could very well be, if Americans choose to vote for the future rather than reminisce about a past that never existed. It may not be a black and white choice, but it sure is a red and blue choice!
For now, all it is, is a chance.

America’s Chance to Grow Up!

November 8, 2016 would not decide if America has voted in a historic election or not.
November 9, 2016 would!
Now, #GoVote !
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