February 28, 2012


No, this is not the Dark Side.

This is the forgotten side of me that I used to call-Politically Incorrect.

When I started blogging, I had no idea about the "blogosphere" but I wanted to write. I preferred calling it Wonderings of a Wandering Mind. There was anger, frustration and an opinion. I was naive but believed that my opinion matters because I am the youth.

Very Political. Very Correct. Yet Politically Incorrect.

I feel the same today. 3 years ago I wrote a piece on Article-377, about legalizing gay sex in India. I thought people are opening up. The point of view is broadening.

Till, I read a piece yesterday.

I have nothing against the author. Trust me, absolutely nothing. I laud his writing skills and brilliance to express himself.

I just don't agree with him and instead of commenting on it, I wish to retaliate like this.

My older blog is not registered on any forum so I am putting the link of the post here. I apologize for the title of the post if it offends anyone but it was a catchy song then that made sense for the post.

Read on.