March 3, 2012


A heartfelt acknowledgement of the person who inspired me to write, my brother and former blogger, Abhinav Mathur. This is first of the two posts, written by him, which I am going to re-post on my blog as a way to thank him for helping me discover my inner-self and my true identity in blogging.


Finally, I have hit the iceberg.

The iceberg so big. The iceberg so cold. The iceberg so cruel.

And the worst thing is, what I can see, is just the tip. What scares me is the hidden part.

I, am the Titanic.

Started my journey as one of the desired commodity; started, as if it mattered the most.

But here I am.

Sinking. Shouting. Crying. Dying.

I am losing myself. I don’t know whether in the darkness of the night or the water, but the fact is, it has started.

My disappearance has started.

Soon I will vanish and become a part of this darkness.

Hungry darkness. Hungry for spreading itself.

To make everything dark. To make everything disappear. To make everything vanish.

Soon, there will be no me. No self. No conscience.

And what is more miserable is that despite of knowing, I cannot stop or control, what all has started.