March 16, 2012

The Prologue...

I am a different person when u see me in the day

Happy and busy

Keeping all emotions at bay

But there is something that keeps me up at night

I don't know if it's your memory or the hope of your sight

And though my story seems quite mundane and old

Simple, bland, common that needn't be told

I write it with just one desire

What I couldn't do in person

May be my words will transpire

Turns out, all one needs is sleeplessness and that one person to inspire

You, were that inspiration for me.

Some will accept it and some may fret

But everyone has that one song

Making our eyes wet

Reminding us, with whom we belong

You, were that song for me

There are a lot of people around

With whom I can laugh

But you and only you were the one with whom I could cry

And a man would never admit this

But to find "the one" like that is a persistent try

While people call it fate

That's how I define my soul mate

You, were that definition for me

With you gone, and the loss is hard to accommodate

I have come to realize

Though I know how to love, I can't get you to reciprocate

I may be hurt but not for once I resent

Just that I am a mere human

With a need to occasionally vent

And so I turned to writing and it feels cathartic and divine

Knowing what's lost was actually never mine

What's mine are my feelings

Which have come alive

Like a relentless emotional tide

This is a place with no present and

My future and past collide

This is where I found me

This is where I found you

This is where we realize

That I am you and

You are, me and my darkside

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